Who is SSCPM?

SSCPM Ltd was established to assist where resources, deliverables, risk, and supply chain threaten business continuity.

How Can We Help Your Project?


SSCPM Ltd provides a flexible contract resource solution to reduce the overhead burden on your projects.

With knowledge of the main industry sectors, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Material Transfer, Aerospace and, Marine Access, we have the experience to manage multi-functional projects/resources and deliver successful projects for your business.

Our Services

Project Management

  • Delivery of multifunctional projects, product delivery and manufacturing operations.
  • Proactive partnering within the management team to ensure support on project delivery.
  • Project team leadership to build and deliver robust project plans.
  • Clear and concise reporting of project progress, escalation of risks, identification of countermeasures and costs.
  • Documentation management and scope of works agreements.
  • Establishing & maintaining strong customer/supplier relationships.

Supply Chain Management

  • Sub-contractor expediting, reporting, and improvements.
  • Scope of work scheduling and contract reviews.
  • Documentation review and management.
    Supply chain coordination to ensure planned delivery.
  • Agree realistic performance targets and delivery planning.
  • Coordinate witness inspection hold points in accordance with inspection & test plans.

Risk Management

  • Identify, analyse and report risks to cost, quality and delivery of the project.
  • Document and manage risk registers.
  • Prioritise risks and manage accordingly.
  • Lessons learned report and presentation to minimise risk repeat.

Site Installation Management

  • Managing site teams in line with the commercial costs and delivery of key project objectives.
  • Documentation Management for personnel and project completion handover.
  • Provision of IOM, RAMS/ Certification for site activities.
  • Ensure Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policies are coordinated during installation.

Factory & Site Acceptance Testing

  • Pre-FAT/ SAT management to ensure the testing process is seamless.
  • FAT/ SAT to witness, document and report processes for completion sign off.
  • Independent witness of inspections/testing to project ITP schedule.
  • Pre-release inspection of equipment prior to delivery.

Bids & Tenders

We can also assist in the quality bid and tender submissions, focusing on specification, document & capability content for alignment with your business outputs and increasing your conversion success rate.

SSCPM Limited can attend and present to customers on your behalf, create a complete and detailed scope of works for handover to your project execution team, representing your business throughout.


SSCPM Limited offers a flexible resource solution at fixed hourly rates, to ensure budget alignment and maximum conversion without overhead burden on your project.


SSCPM Ltd can offer a flexible resource solution that reduces the overhead burden, managing and/ or assisting the successful delivery of your projects only when necessary. With access to multi-disciplined engineering resources, quality suppliers and industry experience, no issue can not be resolved to ensure your business meets the benefits of the project with minimal risks.

Our goal is to ensure successful conversion of benefits, risks, scope, cost, quality, and delivery of your contracts, utilising effective management, planning, and reporting techniques to deliver your projects successfully, within budget and on time.

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Andy Clark
Tel: 07834 830 563
Email: andy@sscpm.co.uk

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